Who We Are

Since 2003 Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc. has provided exterior maintenance to large-scale properties such as corporate campuses, university campuses, retail outlets and hospitals throughout northern California.

Through the application of our core values and focus on being a customer-driven partner, Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc. has effectively integrated into strategic relationships that center on cost-cutting, performance, safety, and the customer service goals of our clients.

Our Values

  • TRUST: We strive to develop a trusting and honest environment within our organization, with our business partners, and with our customers
  • EMPATHY: We respect, we are aware, and we are sensitive to the feelings of others
  • WORK ETHIC: Our reliability and passion is expressed through our quality of work and a caring for a strong attention to details.
  • JOY: We bring our love of life and joyfully appreciate the opportunity to work with others

Key Differentiating Factors

  • One resource for high level customer service
  • Experienced with Government Projects
  • Create processes and procedures to ensure reliable and effective certified payrolls
  • Public Works labor compliance measures
  • Flexibility to accommodate unplanned cleanings
  • Proactive communication with schedules, completion confirmations and results

Where We Service

Corporate Headquarters: San Jose, CA

Equipment Warehouse: Morgan Hill, CA

Service Region: Greater Bay Area


Experience – Solutions – Satisfaction