To Whom It May Concern,
I am writing this letter on behalf of Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc. and their high level of work. My facility has contracted Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc. for over 2 years now to provide power washing services at all three of our main health care facilities, spanning Palo Alto, Menlo Park, and Livermore. Combined these facilities cover over 208 acres and 100 buildings. The crews at Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc. are always very accommodating to the busy schedule of a health care facility, and often times short notices provided to them in scheduling the work. On site, Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc. has consistently shown a high level of professionalism, courteousness, and customer service. They are very attentive to their surroundings and always properly mark off their works space to ensure a safe environment for the patients and staff at my facility, as well as their own staff. They also pay special attention to the various environmental regulations that are impacted when working at a federal facility. Over the years we have developed a trusting work relationship allowing me to permit Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc. to work at my facilities after business hours when it is most convenient. They have routinely provided a high standard of cleaning throughout my facility and always exceed my expectations.
I highly recommend Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc. for their excellent customer service, friendly and knowledgeable staff, and professional results.

Paul di Bari
Chief of Operations
Engineering Service

To Whom It May Concern,
The purpose of this letter is to introduce you to Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc., a company that we have employed for the last six years. In that time, I have found their representatives to be professional, courteous, and conscientious. In addition they produce top quality work while showing consideration to my employees and guests as well as the environment. I have come to count on them on a regular basis to keep our sidewalks, dock area, and dumpster area looking sharp without the use of hazardous cleaning agents or materials, a high-level concern in our community.
I highly recommend their services, regardless of size of job. Please feel free to contact me at the restaurant if you wish to discuss my experience with Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc.

David R. Israel
General Manager

Dear Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc. Crew,
I would like to thank you for the excellent service you have provided to Student Housing Operations at Stanford University. After working with you and your company over the past few years I have come to truly appreciate the high level of customer service you have provided. First and foremost, because Stanford has such a substantial amount of foot and vehicle traffic, the safety of every person on our campus is always a concern. Your company’s vigilant approach to assuring the safety of everyone around you while your crew is on site is very reassuring to me. Having a high profile image, Stanford is challenged every day to live up to the standards its students and affiliates expect. A high standard of cleanliness is without a doubt one of their expectations. The quality of your company’s work helps us keep a standard of cleanliness outside our facilities that we are very proud of. Your response time to us is incredible and I have always been impressed with the quick reply I receive from your company. When I need your services on short notice it is really nice to know you guys are available when I need a “dive and catch.”
Thank you very much for all the great service. It is always a pleasure to work with you and your company.

Bobby Tillery
Housing Building Manager

Dear Cliff,
This is a letter of appreciation and recommendation for the excellent work you and your company are doing for our Wal-Mart Store. The power washing service is excellent and keeps the outside of the building clean for our customers. Clarke Property Maintenance, Inc. has been able to rise to the level of service that Wal-Mart expects. The service that you provide for such a high volume store as ours allows me to say to anyone, “These guys would do a great job for you.” It is a pleasure working with you and your company. Your ability to listen and understand the needs that we have is outstanding. I would recommend your service to anyone who calls and asks me, “How are they?” Once again, I thank you and your company for the great job you are doing for us.
Sincerely Yours,

Mark C. Blome II