Parking Lot Sweeping

We Air sweep the parking-lot-asphalt, blow corners curb lines and walkways. Our parking lot sweeping services are just what you need to help impress your clients, tenants, inspectors, and the community.  We understand the need to demonstrate your attention to detail and your protection of the environment, which means maintaining a pristine exterior as well as interior place of business, a clean construction site, and clean streets.

Hassle-Free Services

Forget dealing with complaints, scheduling difficulties, irregular service, and excuses.  Our sweeping services are guaranteed.  Not only will you be satisfied with our work, your tenants and customers and the community will be happy, too.

Environmentally Responsible Sweeping

The trash, the dripped splotches of oil and gas from vehicles, dust, sand, dirt and foliage will accumulate around the exterior of your business.  You can’t stop it.  Not only does this material contribute to the deterioration of paving material, it is tracked into the interior of buildings, and fills the air and enters our water systems.

If you want it swept and cleaned, call us. We have a 24-hour service and take care of emergency cleanups, too. We will clean at a time that is the least intrusive for you, your tenants, customers, and crew.


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