Solar Services

Our Solar Panel Washing Services are currently utilized on over 112 megawatts of solar arrays spread out on over 300 sites throughout southern, central, and northern California. We have experience cleaning ground mounted, canopy style and roof mounted systems.

Many of our solar customers also utilize our company to manage grounds maintenance services such as weed abatement and tree pruning to eliminate shading & fire hazards.

Through the unique utilization of efficient cleaning processes & technology we have successfully created a system that optimizes solar panel performance and drives down maintenance costs.

Before Solar Wash

After Solar Wash
We keep your solar panels clean for safety and efficiency reason.
We wash and coat all exterior solar panels

We understand “ the customer is always right” and work to meet or exceed your expectations. We have crews available 24 hours a day and 7 days per week which will ensure the cleaning is done promptly and at the best time to minimize any inconvenience to you and your customers.

CPW’s employees are all covered by workman’s compensation and general liability. All employees are professional, speak English and wear a company uniform.

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